IPL Facial Rejuvenation

Procedures address many skin conditions typical of the aging process, as well as effects from sun exposure or injury. For instance:

​Static Wrinkles are the kind of wrinkles that are always there, regardless of your expression​​

Dynamic Wrinkles are the kind of wrinkles that change with your expression

​Pigmentation are freckles and other darkened areas like sun spots or melasma​

Scars are acne or injury scars that are wavy, pitted, discolored, or that have raised borders​

Vascular Conditions are blood vessels that are visible, blood blisters, or being red-in-the-face

​Loss of Skin Tone is sagging, weak, or cellulite skin​


​Prices Vary from $95-$650 per session (call for details)​​Photofacials- $375 per session


​Laser Hair Removal Procedures​

​We use different laser sources to rapidly and noninvasively remove hair.​


Prices vary from $100-$600 (call for details)

​​Laser hair removal one session pricing

​Bazilian/Face: $300/session​


​Upper lip/chin:$100/session​

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Laser Facial Rejeunavation with Fraxel:

Erase years off your face using latest non-invasive technology  with minimal downtime: 

CO2 laser Technique.  Results would last years!

Below is a website that shows you real life patients with amazing results after using the Fraxel Laser. 

CO2 Smartskin by Cynosure:

This invasive procedure  allow complete resurfacing of your skin erasing  years off your face, sun damage  repair of your face/hands  with minimal downtime  in comparison to the traditional method.​

The Doctors features Dr. Bruce Katz and Cynosure's SmartSkin CO2 laser.

See this laser procedure around the eyelids.The only alternative procedure to the knife for the treatment of bags and wrinkles around the eyes


CO2 pricing per sessions including initial consultation and  follow-up
Face  w/o eyes $1,200
Face including eyes:$1,500
Neck/decolletage: $800
Hands: $700